Professional Development

New! The 2022 Refugee Education Summit: Creating Belonging in Schools and Communities is a one-day training, preceding the Paving the Way Conference, for Pennsylvania educators and community staff who work with refugee students. Plan to attend to learn more about understanding, supporting and engaging newcomer students and their families.


The 2022 Paving the Way to Educational Success Conference is a unique opportunity for professionals to deepen their knowledge, enhance best practices and hear innovative solutions for working with students experiencing homelessness and students in foster care.

Recorded Webinars

Understanding Dropout Prevention: Strategies to Support Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Dropping out of school is often a process of disengagement that occurs over time. The complexity of this process points to the need for systemic solutions that address root causes, necessitating changes in the way we “do” school. Over a million children and youth in the U.S. have been identified as homeless, a traumatic circumstance that can place them at greater risk for low achievement and school dropout. These students present their own specific challenges that schools and the greater community must be aware of and address in order for our children and youth to be educationally stable, successful and fully prepared for college, career or civic life. Attend this webinar to explore the challenges faced by students experiencing homelessness, and how we as educators and agency personnel can have a positive impact on their success.


College and Career Counseling for Students Experiencing Homelessness

The webinar will provide information about the new McKinney-Vento requirements for counselors and liaisons related to supporting the career and college readiness of secondary students experiencing homelessness. Dr. Havlik will discuss the challenges that these students face becoming career and college ready and provide specific strategies to enhance their career and college counseling preparation.